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Welcome to Big Skye Kennels and Nursery located in Western Oklahoma. We are a premier English Bulldog breeder. We have been raising bulldog puppies for about 35 years. Our English Bulldog kennel is devoted to breeding, raising, and training top quality bulldog puppies to be adopted into loving homes.

In the Nursery at Big Skye Kennels, we take great pride in the care and attention we provide for our English Bulldog puppies. Each unit is prepared for the mother bulldog and her puppies.

The immune system of a newborn bulldog puppy can be very fragile. So we take the time to get up with them during the night to make sure they are eating well and that mom is doing okay and recovering; we stay with the new mom and puppies until their immune systems are stabilized. As the weeks progress, the mother is found cleaning and caring for her bulldog puppies. This is an important part of the puppies' social development and interaction.

After four weeks, the mother returns to her separate kennel, and we start each puppy on a training program that continues during the next five weeks.

Training includes:

  • eating puppy food
  • drinking from facet and water bottle (for easy and convienent travel)
  • house training beginning at six weeks involves letting the puppies on grass to relieve themselves periodically through the day (we give instructions with each puppy for continued training after adoption)
  • physical excersise including walking/running on 14 ft. runs (develops hip joints more completely to promote longer life span

Information about Royal Canin, adult and puppy feed:

  • feed limits the risk of obesity (bulldogs have a tendency to sleep alot)
  • feed assists in preserving the articular cartlidge by decreasing the action of cartlidge destroying enzymes
  • Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil in feed provide an anti-inflammatory action that promotes the health of joints
  • fatty acids also combat oxidative stress in the heart
  • feed helps improve the digestion of the bulldogs to limit fermentation
  • feed provides a digestible protien in the body to help the skin defend itself against external attacks, controlling inflammation through essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids

All Big Skye Kennels English Bulldogs are AKC registered.

Kennels and Nursery are USDA licensed and inspected yearly.

***Disclaimer for the Big Skye Kennels Web Site***

We update our site regularly, however, there may be times when the puppies offered on the "Puppies" page are no longer available for purchase. Please accept our appology for any inconvience this may cause you in your selection of a puppy.



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