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Our Happy Families!

This is the famous Miss Zelda and Mr. Barclay! They live in New Jersery and are treated like royalty! We love you guys!


This is Buster, he loves his new home and family, in the sunshine state!



Georgia feels right at home and loves to play!


This is Miss Syndi and her sister Miss Sadyi, there favorite place is the kitchen!



This is Rubble, and he sends off his new best friend to school everyday!



This is Tank and he is looking great!






Can't decided who is happier, in this great classic picture!




This is Tod, he loves to sleep in his bed with his red, white, and blue blanket!



This is Madison, she loves to go for a ride in the car, as long as she gets shot gun!



Miss Lucy lives in Oklahoma City and loves to go to the park!



Miss Zelda loves cuddles in the long winter months!



This is Dunkin' with his new brother, in Flordia, he loves the sunny weather!



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